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  • Need to find GED Classes in the Corridor? Level Up Your Qualifications.

    Tired of having limited employment options due to a lack of a GED or High School Diploma?  Because the workforce of the Corridor is highly educated1, not having this credential can hurt your chances moving up or moving out of your current line of work.  That said, you have options - and it's not too late to get started. It will take some courage and dedication, and a real commitment - but if you are ready for a change, there are local resources that can help you fit your schooling into your schedule.

  • Entry Level Job Fair in Iowa City - September 12, 2017

    Corridor Careers is happy to share about an upcoming job fair by our friends at the City of Iowa City.  Our team will be there to help get job seekers signed up for job alerts from Corridor Careers and offer tips on resumes, trends in the job market and job categories. Unemployed or underemployed? One way is to test the job market by meeting hiring managers face to face without the commitment of an application.

  • Relocation Logistics for Moving to the Cedar Rapids Area

    So you’re considering a move to Cedar Rapids or Iowa City?  Good choice!  Once the dust has settled on your idea, it’s time to start thinking beyond all the homemade pie you’re going to eat once you get here and plan for your move.  See How Far Your Potential Salary Will Go Knowing the cost of living can impact where you land in the corridor, whether it be Cedar Rapids, Iowa City or smaller communities like Marion, Robins, Hiawatha, North Liberty or Coralville. Iowa City’s quality of life for young professionals and academics is one reason its cost of living is a bit higher than the Corridor’s other metro areas, and its only one factor in considering what community you should call home.

  • Relocating to Cedar Rapids? Fear Not.

    With its low cost of living, good schools, and recreation options, it’s no wonder more people are moving to Cedar Rapids. Yet, if your spouse or partner is the one with the job move, you may be understandably apprehensive.  Sure, the homes are affordable, and it seems like the schools are pretty good - but it’s in the middle of the Midwest! And you’re wondering what you’re getting yourself into.